Moving On…

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Well, it’s official!  I’ve moved over to my new, improved blogsite.  You will find me from this day forward at .   The blog may look a lot different, but it’s me, and I hope you love it!!

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What a BEAUTIFUL morning!

•January 22, 2010 • 3 Comments

While out for my morning run, I found myself mesmerized by the play of the rising sun in the morning mist.  It was beautiful, and, well, I found myself running a bit faster so I could go home, get my camera and return to capture it all before the sun burned through.

I’ve been so busy with preparations for the upcoming Kamloops Bridal Fair, that I haven’t gotten out to take photos just for fun in way too long.  It was below freezing, but it was worth the freezing fingertips!

Wildlights at the BC Wildlife Park in Kamloops

•January 12, 2010 • 5 Comments

Another new adventure for us was the Wildlife Park…… they put on an ah-mazing lightshow every Christmas, and we were told we had to go to see it 🙂 There were thousands of twinkling lights all over the park, a maze, a train ride, fireworks, hot chocolate, bonfires, Chris the Clown (we even saw Frosty there!).  It was a magical meander through a park that has lots to offer all year round.  I wasn’t allowed to bring my tripod (it was a family night out, and my hubby knows me too well, lol… but next year I’m taking a second, photo trip.  So, these shots are all handheld, in the pitch dark, with a beautiful New Years Eve snow falling.  Needless to say, there aren’t any fireworks photos for this post.

The lightshow at the end of the evening was set to music, and one of my favorite Christmas albums, “Christmas Eve and Other Stories” by the Trans Siberian Orchestra .

Sun Peaks Resort

•January 3, 2010 • 1 Comment

We’ve spent part of the Christmas holidays discovering a few of the fabulous winter destinations in and around Kamloops.  I’ll be blogging a few of them over the next couple days.

We drove up to Sun Peaks Resort for a cross-country ski.  It is so beautiful up there, from Sun Peaks Village with all the cool shops and places to rest and be refreshed, to the snowcovered pine trees, great ski trails and breathtaking vistas.  Of course, spending the day with great friends was an added blessing! We love, loved it up there, and will be returning to see more, and do more, for sure!

In Sun Peaks Village…

A sampling of the downhill fun that awaits…

Ahhh, a piece of heaven….

A peek through the trees at the village…

The enchantment of nightfall…

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Wedding Moments 2009

•December 16, 2009 • 8 Comments

In addition to all those things that need to be done for Christmas (like those cards that STILL aren’t in the mail), I’m also preparing for my first Bridal Fair which is held annually in Kamloops in January.  I have been going back through my wedding photos from this year, and thought it would be a great time to “re-cap” some of my faves from the season.  Here are a few for you…

Meet my brand new Niece…

•November 27, 2009 • 4 Comments

… isn’t she just GORGEOUS!  I’m biased, I know, but really, she’s just perfect and beautiful.  I drove out to Salmon Arm today to meet her and visit my sister.  I had to tear myself away when it was time to go.  The little angel only opened her eyes for a few seconds in the absolute worst lighting EVER while the nurse tried to burp her.   Awww, can’t wait to do a full-fledged shoot with her next week.  But shhhhh, haven’t told Nikki I’m coming over with all my “stuff” yet. lol  Anyways, enough rambling… here she is one and a half days old:

Lest we Forget…

•November 11, 2009 • 3 Comments

Today is November 11th, the day we set aside to commemorate those who have fought and died so that we may live in freedom.  The service here in Kamloops was a beautiful tribute, and I fought back tears of thanksgiving for those lives lost, for me, for you, for freedom…

Coming from a much smaller community, the scope of this Remembrance Day ceremony was impressive.  There was even a fly-over of a flight Squadron from Slave Lake, AB.

RCMP march in

The chorus of bagpipes gave me goosebumps… I could listen to them all day.. such a beautiful sound!!  I’ve not heard so many all at once, and they sounded phenomenal!


Thank you!


I didn’t have my wide lens on so I couldn’t capture the whole scope of how many people were in attendance, but there were LOTS!

In attendance

Wreaths at the Epitaph

A grandfather retired from the military tells the story to his grandson.  There is such a beautiful story in this photo, a heritage passed on to a new generation of the remembering…  may we NEVER forget the wars that have been fought for our present and future…

We will not forget...